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Personal Training in the Leiden region

Visser Health Coach helps individuals, groups and companies achieving their goals concerning sports and health.

Typical is the personal way of approach of Visser Health Coach: together with a personal trainer, you will make clear which goals you would like to achieve, and after that, you will set up a programme together to actually book results.

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Bootcamp is an outdoor group training, in which we will work on improving your physical health. A bootcamp training focuses on improving your condition as well as strengthening muscles and reduce body fat.

Bootcamps are challenging and varied, and training in a group with others gives even more motivation and much more fun!

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Improving the physical health of your company’s employees? With a custom made fit programme, you can work together on a healthy, fresh appearance for the whole company. Besides, when your employees are fit, they will be happier in their jobs, will perform better and be less ill. Nothing but advantages!

Think about 1 on 1 trainings, group trainings (boot camps), workshops, readings, etc.

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