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Personal Training with unique guidance

We at Visser Health Coach do not believe in a standard program or nutritional schedule. Everyone is unique and from that point of view we like to work together. We always start with an intake interview and a first (free) trial session in order to properly map out your goal with a schedule that is completely customized. Through intensive guidance from one of our professional trainers, we will work together to achieve your goal. Prefer to train in a duo? Then this is also possible.

Your own personal trainer

Following the intake interview and free trial session, we determine which of our trainers suits you best. We are not drill masters or fitness freaks, but look at a realistic approach to adapt your current lifestyle and sports pattern. We look at the extent to which you can and want to adjust this to achieve your sporting goals as efficiently as possible.

With a long-term approach, you don’t have to turn your life around according to strict food lists or training schedules. In consultation we determine what works best for you and how you can maintain this effortlessly. This ensures that the training and nutritional advice are tailored to your lifestyle and body. We do it together, so we will do everything we can to keep as much variety in your training as possible, fuel your motivation and have as much fun as possible during the training sessions.

Cost of personal training Visser Health Coach

We understand that you are curious about the costs. Because we are basing the sessions on your personal goals, the costs depend on the intensity and duration of the program and the chosen location. It is possible to train in our studios, online or at home. An unambiguous answer or package is therefore not an issue here.

We would be happy to look at the possibilities together with your goals. After a free intake interview, we can draw up the program and look at the final costs. We do not work with subscription types, which means that you are never committed to anything. To give a guideline, you should think of between 52.50 and 70 euros per session in our own training studio.

Schedule a free session
  • Trainen in een privé studio, buiten of aan huis (Geen drukke sportschool meer)
  • We werken niet met abonnementen of contracten zodat je nergens aan vast zit
  • Jouw eigen Personal Trainer (1-op-1 of in duo) flexibel en ieder moment van de week

Wij hebben twee luxe Personal Training Studio's in Leiden & Oegstgeest

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Studio Leiden

Visser Health Coach Leiden

Mary Beystraat 3,
2324 DK Leiden

Studio Oegstgeest

Visser Health Coach Oegstgeest

Rhijngeesterstraatweg 58,
2343 BV, Oegstgeest

Veel gestelde vragen

Just a towel and a bottle of water!
In our training studios we are fully equipped and we work with the latest materials. This is to get started as effectively as possible in achieving your goals.

For outdoor training, the trainer provides the materials or we use our own body weight.

Would you like to train with someone else? That’s no problem, we also offer duo training.

We give training sessions every day of the week in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening and on weekends we are mainly available in the mornings and early afternoons.
Our trainers try to be as flexible as possible and we always try to find the right match.

This depends on the objective and what is realistic what you are willing to do to achieve it.
We go for the most sustainable and realistic approach, because this one works best in the long term.

The easiest way is to sketch a plan of approach from an intake / test training.

The costs in our training studio start from 52.50 euros per session.

With duo personal training, these start from 32.50 euros per person per session.

Thank you for your interest in Personal Training! Contact us to schedule a no-obligation and free intake and trial session.

A personal trainer

Would you like to train with a personal trainer in Leiden? Or in the vicinity of Leiden? We have more than 10 years of experience in the field of personal training and coaching. By focusing on all factors, such as nutrition, sports and coaching, we can guarantee that you will quickly achieve results. And no less important, you will feel better about yourself and feel better both physically and mentally.

Free and non-binding intake

When you register with us, we always start with an intake interview and a free trial session in order to map out what your goal is and to draw up a tailor-made schedule. Through intensive guidance from our professionals, we will work together to achieve your goal(s). Would you rather train in a duo? This is of course also possible.

Visser Health Coach staat voor

Sport, voeding en Coaching.



Persoonlijk (1-op-1 of in een duo). Motiverend, gevarieerd en met een dosis fun.



Gezonde, praktische en realistische voedingsbegeleiding afgestemd op jou als persoon.



Stok achter de deur en motiverend naar een uniek en duurzaam resultaat.



Training vanuit wetenschappelijke inzichten en met goed geschoolde trainers.

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Gratis proefles

Meld je vandaag nog aan voor een gratis proefles/intake